About this site

Hello! This is a site meant to compile vocal synth characters/voicebanks/avatars/etc. from all kinds of places. I made this because I'm very passionate about vocal synths and wanted a nice place to document all the ones I could find..!

Here's a little info about me:
My name is Amihan, I also go by Lanzhu, Papaya, and other names. I'm 19 and use he/they/she pronouns and neopronouns if you know them!
As I mentioned before, I like vocal synths a lot. It's my special interest and has been for around 6 years, and I invest a lot of time (and money orz) in using them. Currently, the only voicebanks I own are Cangqiong, Yamine Renri, Kyomachi Seika, Natsuki Karin, Qing Su, SOLARIA, MATCHA, Mo Qingxian, Luo Tianyi V4 Japanese, UNI, and the default and Premium bundled voicebanks for VOCALOID5. Hopefully this collection will grow in the future...

You can reach me at @LATTICENAIL on Twitter where I'm most active! I also run a Chinese vocal synth bot there, @VSINGERBOT, as well as a vocal synth-core Tumblr @worldcatalog. I also have a YouTube and SoundCloud where I post my vocal synth covers and singing :] Lastly, I also have a personal Neocities site here!

You might also be wondering why some vocal synths are missing - it's either because I couldn't find enough documenting them, or they are solely third-party voicebanks for engines that allow it, or otherwise voicebanks not endorsed directly by the creator of the vocal synth. Basically, I don't want to clog most of the pages as it would be near-impossible to list everything, and that's why this site should be considered a non-exhaustive compendium. The only exception I made to this rule was for the UTAUloids because there were commercial voicebanks as well as notable voicebanks (the main UTAUloids and the VIPPERloids)

All in all, I hope you enjoy this site and learning more about vocal synths ♡

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