free vocal synth

A Chinese synthesizer built off of the (assumed cancelled) MUTA 3.0 AI technology. It allowed people to apply to make a voice, but was less open when compared to X Studio. It requires an account to use, which needs a Chinese phone number. As NIAONiao, MUTA, and AISingers shared a key developer, the editors provided use NIAONiao’s engine and then are uploaded to the AISingers site to render the AI. After a Chinese law was implemented affecting the regulation of synthesizers, AISingers became very inactive. (source)

Shi Yu


Yan Xi


Yu Niaoniao

Si Qinghua

Wan Er

Yi Ling

Mu Yao

Meter in the Fifth World

Yuan Qiqi

Singer H (Haiame Sen?)

Singer J (Natsume Yuuri)

Singer N (Mu Qing)

Singer R (???)

Singer SH (???)

Singer T (YUN HAO)

Singer Y (Lian Hua?)
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