Macne Series

commercial vocal synth

Before VOCALOID NEO, VOCALOID could not be used on Mac computers. A project was created to make a Mac alternative, starting with Macne Nana. The Macnes were originally only available on Garageband and Apple Loops, but users found that the voices could be ported to UTAU. Due to the popularity of the Macnes as UTAUs, later Macne characters like Whisper Angel Sasayaki-san were released with official UTAU voicebanks. Macne Nana and her younger sister Macne Petit received VOCALOID versions, which are now the only Macne products still available, due to the discontinuation of Garageband/Apple Loops/UTAU voicebanks. However, Haruno Sora shares the same voicer as the Macne Cocos. (source)

Macne Nana

Macne Petit

Macne Coco (White)

Macne Coco (Black)

Macne Papa

Whisper Angel Sasayaki-san

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