X Studio

free vocal synth

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Formerly known as StudioVoICE. A Chinese synthesizer with a UI similar to VOCALOID4. It allows users to create their own voice through an application process. These were once packaged with the download, but due to the unsustainable number, they are working on an asset hub to download the voices as you choose. However, this feature is currently in beta, so the current version of X Studio only has 2 voices. 1.8 is the most recent update to contain user voices.
To export audio, an account is required. To make an account, you need a Chinese phone number. Therefore, overseas users must record the audio playing in-editor with a program like Audacity. (source)


Hua Zhibing

Mo Sheng

He Chang

Chen Shuiruo

Chen Ziyu

Yang Yifan

Xu Aiyan

Fang Nian

Hai Li

Yan Qingyu

Lu Sichuan
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